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Following in the footsteps of a sister whose pin-up girl curves and booming voice launched her to superstardom couldn’t be easy, and Ashlee’s Everywoman personality resonated with fans. Together, Josh and Ashlee looked like the Prom King and Queen of Young Hollywood. Ashlee obliged her “best friend” by agreeing to star in his music video for “On The Way Down.” At the shoot she surprised him with a kiss — while the cameras were rolling — and the two soon started dating.Check out 10 things we’ll never forget about the great reality series, and then take She’s experimented with different colors over the years, but at the start of her reality series, Jessica’s younger sister was just a former ballerina from Texas with platinum blonde hair. And when they broke up, she found herself awash in Serious Songwriting Inspiration. Ashlee’s collection of sassy graphic t-shirts and Volcom swag kept stores like Pac Sun in business. But not before childish flirting and a disappointing Valentine’s Day. Ashlee became the poster girl for Yes, heading out to see your younger sister perform after spending hours in a doctor’s office qualifies as being supportive. Performing to a backing track was doctor’s orders, but the desperate dance was all Ash. Her lip-synching flub would go on to be replayed on every news channel across the country, but at least gave us a little more context. We've watched someone's life on the road, what it's like to see someone make an album." In "Score," Cabrera, his band and some celebrity guest stars will mentor two lovelorn songwriters, who will be asked to write a tune in one day.He was a boy, she was a girl, can we make it anymore obvious?It isn't easy getting over a breakup, especially when there are so many reminders of the once-blissful partnership thrown in your face. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, whose on-again off-again romance with Ashlee Simpson was played out for all to see on her MTV reality show, delves into breakups — and what happens when reminders of a relationship surface — with "Photo," the somber second single from You Stand Watching.Cabrera penned the thoughtful track last year after he came across a picture of an old flame that reignited some past emotions."I think we might actually go shoot it in Mexico and give it a gritty 'Traffic'-esque vibe," he said, referencing Steven Soderbergh's 2000 drug-themed drama.

Cabrera composed three songs that impressed a studio engineer, who then let Cabrera record a full-length album, Elm St., for free at Deep Ellum Studios.Unlike his ex-girlfriend's "The Ashlee Simpson Show," Cabrera's show won't focus on his personal life. Sight unseen, the object of their affection will choose the crooner with the best serenade for a date. "It's a fun show that anybody can watch."Copyright 2005 Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Cabrera has starred in a concert film, Live at the Wiltern, with him performing songs from his album Take It All Away.Cabrera's second album, You Stand Watching, was released on September 20, 2005, and it included his singles "Shine On" and "Photo".

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