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(clap)(clap)We want another one, Just like the other one Ace ace ace ace ace!Additional All-Purpose Cheers Who are you yelling for? Lele[This message was edited by thenostromo on 06-07-06 at PM.]PERSON #1:"i said a boom-chika-boom"everyone else:"i said a boom-chika-boom"PERSON #1:"i said a boom-chikaraka-chikaraka-chikaboom"everyone else:"i said a boom-chikaraka-chikaraka-chikaboom"PERSON #1:"uh-huh"everyone else:"uh-huh"PERSON #1:"oh ya"everyone else:"oh ya"PERSON #1:"one more time"everyone else:"one more time"PERSON #1:(sum1 on your teams name)'s style! "we want a double.a little double..d-o-u b-l-e double double double! Fans of Icelandic soccer club Stjarnan learned the chant from fans of Scottish Premier League club Motherwell, then introduced the clap to their national team.For Ravens fans, Seven Nation Army has been a huge hit.

"we want a homerun.a little homerun..h-o-m h-o-m h-o-m-e-r-u-n!

The calls are : Go Preds Go - Murray, you suck - It's all your fault. The last part is especially intimidating, because a goalie always feel ultimately responsible for goals, being the last player to get a chance to stop the puck.

I need some really good cheers and chants for my softball team while were in the dugout or on the filed to say...n e help would be greatly appreciated!!!! ~~that next person says it & it keeps going PERSON #1:"i see a hole out there"everyone else:"i see a hole out there"PERSON #1:"i see an h-o-l-e hole out there"everyone else:" i see an h-o-l-e hole out there"PERSON #1:"so hit the ball out there"everyone else:"so hit the ball out there"PERSON #1:"so we can WIN the game"everyone else:"so we can WIN the game"PERSON #1:"so we can w-i-n yes WIN the game"everyone else:"so we can w-i-n yes WIN the game"everyone:"we want a single.a little single..s-i-n..g-l-e single single single !

--------------------------------------------------Team Repeats After You A little birdy in a tree!

Team: 1,2You: Lil bit more Team: 3,4You: Bring it on down! --------------------------------------------------When I say go, you say fight!

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After video appearances by Aron Gunnarsson, the captain of Iceland's national soccer team, and Thor Bjornsson, a native Icelander and "The Mountain" from the HBO series Game of Thrones, the entire stadium will be led in the chant by Minnesota Vikings alumni.

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