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Simmions dating

DS: I don't.17: What kind of girl catches your eye? I love a girl who knows what she wants and who she wants to be.I like somebody who can have fun and just live in the moment, but who also knows what she wants for her future.She worked with several co-anchors, including Jack Cafferty, Tony Guida, Matt Lauer, Dean Shepherd, Jim Rosenfield, Perri Peltz, and David Ushery.In 2007, Live at Five broadcast for the final time. The two were rumored to be an item after stepping out together at a Golden Globe party earlier this month, after making a joint red carpet appearance where the hip-hop mogul was seen with his arm around Elizabeth's waist. They definitely seemed chummy and Simmons even walked the actress to her car, being a true gentleman by opening her door for her.

Though she was caught grinding up on celebrity spawn Nick Simmons at a Los Angeles nightclub last week, Wiz Khalifa’s estranged wife and Gene Simmons’ son are insisting that they’re just friends.

I like a girl who has her head on straight, but who's also a sweetheart.

I just want somebody I can kick it with, like my real best friend.17: Does she have to get your family's approval?

A lot of people think I started rapping to follow in my dad's [Russell Simmons of Run DMC] footsteps, but for me it wasn't like that.

It's about not worrying about getting others' approval.17: Do you have a girlfriend?

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What song on your new album are you most excited about? My song, "Unexpected Arrival", is about how no matter what people say or think about you, and despite any doubts people have, in the end it's just about your arrival in life.

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