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After his son was killed, David Short publicly branded the perpetrators 'cowards' and privately let it be known to Cregan he would have his revenge by kidnapping, raping and burning his four-year-old son.John Leonard, a former literary editor of The Nation, died November 6 at 69.We remember him by re-publishing this 1994 piece, in which he follows Toni Morrison to Stockholm, as she receives the Nobel Prize.Boy George posted: "Just did a stinking interview for New Zealand which I ended @Robert Downey Jr style! "After the star walked out, a seemingly unaware Toni told the camera that she was shocked because there were no signs that things were going wrong up until that point.She insisted that Boy George had been "upbeat and entertaining" until the incident.

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The 55-year-old - who has never been one to hold his tongue - clearly decided that enough was enough as he chatted to Seven Sharp's Toni Street.