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This week I’m dog-sitting for a friend while she’s on vacation with her family. Although they served their purpose, these new labels will work much better.

what i mean is: i have like 50 pages already running, with a lot of code, it took like a year of developing and i can't turn back just for 1 page, not now anyway...i'm currently working on a work i didn't start my self, it was done by another programmer wich left it off, and now i have to adapt to his code...it's a bit harsh since everyone have his own style, so i would rather leave it as it is for now, since this software was used till now without any problem...Whether you’re starting anew, recruiting fans from other online community software platforms or need more than a forum or blog -- Social Engine helps connect people to you and each other."The sheer flexibility of the code plus the ease with which you can start up your site really makes Social Engine PHP great.

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Many organizations–from companies, to non-profits, to loose collaborations, and more–need a digital space to themselves that is private.

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